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Healthy landscapes provide food, water, clean air, stable climate, shelter, energy, livelihoods, life and meaning. Unfortunately, landscapes across the globe are degrading at a rapid rate. We believe that landscape restoration offers tremendous untapped opportunities for sustainable economic development. Globally, about 2 billion hectares can be restored.

That’s why we have taken the initiative for this learning platform: to enable a global community of academics, practitioners, policy makers, environmental and business professionals to meet each other and to share and exchange their knowledge, expertise and first-hand experiences with landscape restoration.

Landscape stories
Read about different landscapes and their 4 returns approaches in practice.
- Knowledge & tools Find the resources you need for holistic landscape restoration
- Meet, share and connect Create your own profile, share your own cases and knowledge and connect to other global landscape restoration professionals.

This site is full of interesting stories, tools and organisations. And, we are constantly adding new stuff. So please feel free to browse and get familiar with all the content and how it is related

Join & customize If you become a member of the 4 returns platform, you can customize the content to your taste. You also can see and meet other members and show your skills to them. New members join every day, so keep coming back.

Share You can add your own story, tool or organisation to this platform. Please feel free to share. We will look over all your entries and help you with optimizing language and pictures if necessary.

Support 4returns wants to support you in your work and to make it easier to connect to other professionals in the field of landscape restoration. We improve the platform constantly. Soon you will find jobs, more events and the possibility to discuss issues. Please share your experience with us. We love to hear it.