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The Road to Ankara and to a Land Degradation Neutral World


The World Business Council for Sustainable Development has developed a comprehensive work program that can help its members better understand risks linked to inaction and opportunities for action, structuring its work program around the international discussions led by the UNCCD on LDN. In particular LDN is reflected in the WBCSD’s Action2020 targets of “restoring at least 12 million hectares per year of degraded land”, and a business solution on “Restoring Degraded Land” has been developed to provide a response to land degradation challenges and the LDN target.
The program is structured around three work streams:
1. Strengthen the business case for action
2. Translate LDN in Companies’strategies
3. Scale up action: a business led movement to restore degraded land
What can business do?
•Companies can contribute to global Land Degradation Neutrality (LDN) targets and a shift from a practice of “degrade-abandon-migrate”to “restore-sustain-protect” by: I.Adopting sustainable land management practices and implementing related programs that aim to minimize current, and avoid future, land degradation;
II.Rehabilitating degraded and abandoned production lands, and restoring degraded natural and semi-natural ecosystems that are critical to all stakeholders, including business

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