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Countries have publicly announced their commitments to restore degraded forests and lands.This report comes at a time when many countries are fully engaged in the challenging task of implementing their LDN targets and Bonn Challenge pledges with a goal to achieve them by 2030.

The connection between the Bonn Challenge commitments and the LDN targets could strengthen synergy and catalyse actions at national level that will help in achieving their goals in a coherent and efficient manner.The report shows that countries and their international partners need to create a policy environment conducive to supporting restoration, strengthening (inter)sectoral coordination, especially between the focal ministries of the different conventions, improving reporting and aligning investments and actions within the national restoration agendas.

The report demonstrates that greater synergies between the LDN targets and Bonn Challenge commitments are possible and urgently required because commitments for landscape restoration under the Bonn Challenge contribute to many of the LDN goals established by countries, and vice versa. Moreover, the land-based interventions that support the achievement of these two global endeavours could also contribute to biodiversity conservation and the goals of the post-2020 biodiversity agenda, as well as climate change mitigation and adaptation.

The report reinforces the need for improved efforts to capture the synergies between LDN and the Bonn Challenge and provides examples of the progress being made at country level. This report should provide inspiration for Country Parties to the Rio Conventions to promote synergies and improve the scale and efficiency of responses to protect, restore and promote the sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems.