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Combating Desertification and Erosion Activities in Turkey


The desertification is described as the land degradation occurring as a result of climate
change and human activities in arid, semi-arid and semi-humid areas. In today’s world, climate
change, desertification, land degradation and drought are amongst the most critical
issues as they affect over 4 billion hectares of land in more than 164 countries, and directly
impact approximately 1.5 billion people. These hazards threaten not only the environment,
but also economy, security, development, food security and social life in Turkey as well as
around the globe.

The Middle Eastern region, where Turkey is located, comprises subhumid, semi-arid, arid,
and extremely arid climates. In addition, Turkey is particularly vulnerable to desertification
and drought as it’d been home to various civilizations throughout centuries.
The drivers of desertification are multi-faceted and intricate. Moreover, the lack of education
or information, as well as socio-economic and political factors exacerbate the impacts of
desertification. Therefore, a consistent and coordinated policy in combating desertification
is essential in order to identify the drivers of desertification and their interrelations.

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