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A Better World. Volume 4. Actions and commitments to the Sustainable Development Goals


With the establishment of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in 2015, the Human Development
Forum at Tudor Rose has expanded its publishing operation with the creation of a series of volumes entitled
A Better World, each dedicated to one or more of the 17 SDGs. This volume, published in September 2018,
covers Goal 15: Life on Land, and particularly Goal 15.3, which aims to achieve Land Degradation Neutrality
(LDN) globally by 2030.

Goal 15 and the significance of LDN targets have opened a window of opportunity for many countries
to strengthen their policies for sustainable use of land and soils.

A Better World: Volume 4 outlines the concept, the main elements and the current international framework for assessing the progress towards SDG target 15.3. It proposes a stepwise approach to further tailor national requirements with the overall goal of LDN implementation. The following articles discuss the progress and challenges in this essential topic, highlighting good practices in a wide variety of societies and disciplines.

The book features contributions by UNCCD staff on the importance of Goal 15 and the current status of achieving LDN and covers a range of sustainable development initiatives from climate science and land management to intercultural dialogue and humanitarian assistance.

By focusing on the experiences and livelihoods of people, especially those in vulnerable human habitats,
the book shows the benefits of best policy and practices, and how these may develop further as we come to
terms with a changing and more turbulent world. This innovative endeavour is a striking example of sharing
respective resources to engage the many official governmental, international organisations, institutional and
professional interests in displaying the extent and variety of their efforts to make the world a better place.

Compiled by Sean Nicklin and Ben Cornwell, Edited and designed by Leigh Trowbridg

Since 1999 Tudor Rose has published 28 books in partnership with the United Nations and its agencies,
covering a diverse range of subjects from disaster reduction, water management and climate science
to intercultural dialogue and humanitarian assistance. The books are read extensively by the human
development sector and especially by community leaders in vulnerable regions around the globe.
The books are close collaborations between individual UN agencies, UN member states and civil sector organisations, committed to a better future for the world. They have widened the knowledge of people in vulnerable communities and given them inspiration and knowledge to better their lives in a sustainable way.

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