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Education kit on combating desertification


An activity and educational guide to understand and combat the phenomenon of desertification developed from the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD). It seeks to demonstrate that drought and desertification are worldwide problems affecting every region of the planet. A global effort from the international community is necessary to combat desertification and/or limit the effects of drought.

The kit is composed of five elements: 1) a teacher’s guide; 2) case studies from different regions; 3) a cartoon ‘The school where the magic tree grows’, inspired from one of the case studies; 4) a second cartoon ‘There is no rug big enough to sweep the desert under’ created on the occasion of the UNCCD’s First conference of the Parties held in Rome, Italy in 1997; 5) a wall poster for the classroom. free interactive web-based versions in English, French and Spanish.The teacher's guide is also available online in English, French and Spanish.Hard copies of the kit can be ordered through UNESCO in Arabic, English, French, and Spanish. Also translated into Chinese, German, Hindi, Mongol, Russian and Bulgarian.

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EDU/ENV/3 B COPY 1 ENGEDU/ENV/3 B COPY 1 ENGBookmainavailable
EDU/ENV/3 B COPY 2 FREEDU/ENV/3 B COPY 2 FREBookmainavailable
EDU/ENV/3 B COPY 3 SPAEDU/ENV/3 B COPY 3 SPABookmainavailable
EDU/ENV/3 B COPY 4 CHIEDU/ENV/3 B COPY 4 CHIBookmainavailable
EDU/ENV/3 B COPY 5 ARAEDU/ENV/3 B COPY 5 ARABookmainavailable
EDU/ENV/3 B COPY 6 GEREDU/ENV/3 B COPY 6 GERBookmainavailable
EDU/ENV/3 B COPY 7 RUSEDU/ENV/3 B COPY 7 RUSBookmainavailable
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