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One of humankind’s greatest challenges is to ensure sustainable development. Knowledge is crucial to increase environmental awareness, and perhaps more important is the understanding that we all play a role in making a change towards a sustainable development. As consumers, we have the power to push development of products and services towards a sustainable development, but we need to know what our options are. Images and objects is a teaching method, which emphasizes active learning and critical thinking.
The EU’s definition of bioeconomy is “sustainable production and processing of biomass for food, health products, fibre products, industry, and energy”.

The pedagogical steps is a way to describe what is required to deliver education for sustainable development (ESD), which goal is to make real changes in behaviour and attitudes amongst the participants.The standard describes these six steps of pedagogical approaches. The six steps need repetition at different ages of the participants and the activities for each step must harmonize with the age of participants, local forest conditions and relevant issues.

Useful tools to find data about forests: Measure tree height This is a description of how to measure the height of a tree, using a stick, a measure band, and simple mathematics. Find a stick that is at least the length of your arm. While keeping a straight arm, hold the stick so that the distance from your hand to the top of the stick, is equal to the distance from your hand to your eye. You can check this by placing the stick along your arm. If the end reaches your shoulder, then the distance is correct.Place yourself in front of the tree you would like to measure. The distance between you and the tree, should correspond to the height of the tree.