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The handbook reflects on the planning and implementation processes of erosion control measures. It is not a general guide, but rather focuses on the specific situation in Armenia and the South Caucasus. The Handbook is designed as a training manual for multipliers, such as:
··training institutions;
··local, national, regional NGOs;
··government agencies a mandate for erosion control measures (e.g., Agricultural Extension Services).

The different modules of the handbook intend to give guidance on designing suitable training courses related to awareness on erosion and implementation of erosion control measures. Showcases from the pilot communities of the project describe concrete activities, results and experiences. The Factsheets contain summarized step-by-step instructions for practitioners in the field.
··It promotes awareness raising on soil erosion processes in Armenia and ways to mitigate their negative effects.
··It supports capacity building – training institutions or NGOs who work with land users get technical background
information and didactical explanations.
··It supports planning, implementation and upscaling of pilot activities.
··It provides Factsheets for farmers and land owners to foster practical implementation in the field.